Chicken Skin

Chicken skin from the breast is a by-product of the processing of chicken skeleton, which is suitable for further processing in food industry plants for the production of chicken semi-finished products, meat and sausage products, ham, etc. Chicken skin from the breast is also used to produce fat for use in the cosmetic industry. The nutrient composition of the skin is protein and fat. The skin is rich in vitamin A which is useful for the retina, vitamin E improving immunity, and in B vitamins- B2, B6 and B12, fatty acids (such as omega-6), in minerals andtrace elements: phosphorus, magnesium, iron.

It is possible to buy chicken skin (from the breast) in bulk in our company EU Poultry in both chilled and frozen form. We pack, store and transport the skins in optimal conditions. By creating the right conditions, we ensure the safety and quality of the products.

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