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Appeal to Highly respected partners

Appeal to Highly respected partners
Highly respected partners.
The global COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge to everyone.
We are at the critical point in the global response to COVID-19 and we need to unite in the effort to save the world.
For our company the safety and health of our employees, customers and partners are more crucial than ever before.
We would like to inform you that from the beginning of coronavirus epidemic, the management of our company took all necessary measures of cautions to minimize any risks that can occur.
At the moment, additional measures are being provided on the territory of the plant EU Poultry to enforce permit and gate regime. All people working at the enterprise are constantly monitored for their general health. Entering to the plant is allowed to those who are engaged in the production and resource delivery. All people entering the territory of the EU Poultry are tested on the body temperature and viewed to identify any signs of cautious symptoms.
All meetings and negotiations are held online through voice and video connection. EU Poultry feels full responsibility towards its customers who need to stay and eat at home. That is why we speed up our mode and develop new products for home usage.
CEO EU Poultry
Dmytro Borodavka