Main Food Safety

Food safety

Principles of Food Safety Policy
In our company, the Food Safety Policy is based on the following principles and rules:
  • The production and transport of food products corresponds to the requirements of technical standards and laws, as well as food safety requirements, mutually agreed with the customer.
  • We check the safety of produced and transported food products by performing a risk analysis, determining critical control points and critical limits for critical control points and their monitoring.
  • Our company has implemented and maintained effective mechanisms of internal and external communication. We communicate with the suppliers of food products and auxiliary goods and services, with customers and state inspection authorities. In internal communication, we communicate with the HACCP employees and team on issues affecting food safety.
  • The health safety of stored and transported food products and its continual improvement is a systematic activity and is accepted by all employees.
  • Respecting the principles of health safety during the storage and transportation of food products as well as their ingredients is the personal responsibility of every employee of the company.
  • All employees of the company are part of the food safety policy and are involved in its implementation and the achievement of its objectives.
  • The food safety policy is reviewed on a regular basis in terms of its adequacy, sufficiency and effectiveness for the established food safety management system.
  • The company management creates conditions and provides the necessary resources for the establishment and activities of the HACCP team and the fulfilment of the HACCP principles.
  • The company management continuously verifies the implementation of HACCP principles through complaints and reports from internal and external audits. This Food Safety Policy has been adopted by the management of WE Trade s.r.o., it is binding on all employees, supported at all levels of management and clearly presented throughout the organizational structure. Our permanent goal is to ensure the production and transport of food products so that food products remain safe; and to have a satisfied consumer.
One of the main policy goals of the company WE Trade to maintain a high standard of product safety and quality is to keep their uniqueness, originality and veracity of the products, assessment and maintaining of product authenticity at the available levels of the supply chain.
Prevention of adulteration of food – preventive measures
The company adopted preventive measures for the protection of consumers against the health impacts. These processes are controlled within the scope of food safety management system and in compliance with the applicable legal regulations.
Priorities to vulnerability
The company has a system in place for the selection and approval of suppliers. It regularly evaluates the suppliers. Prevention of adulteration of food – annual review.
The procedure for prevention of adulteration of food is reviewed after each real or potential failure of the preventive measure; at least once a year.
Methods of authenticity assessment
  • inspection of product labels;
  • checking of accompanying documents;
  • checking the temperature of goods.
  • sensory evaluation
Protective measures
The company WE Trade s.r.o. introduces as protective measures based on the results of vulnerability analysis, internal inspections and measures for risk mitigation or elimination and based on the supplier assessment results, inspections performed at the suppliers – audits.