Main News Barbecue season 2022!

Barbecue season 2022!

Barbecue season 2022!
Grilling is a special occasion where the main ingredients are fresh air, sun and freshly prepared meat on fire. How else can you get aromatic and crunchy meat that reminds you of grilled meat? Food always seems to taste better out on the fresh air, especially when prepared over an open fire. Chicken is the most popular picnic food, because it can be grilled as a whole or in parts too. It is prepared quickly, it is always tasty, aromatic and very tempting. Spices give the meat an unforgettable taste and grilled vegetable is the perfect garnish to these dishes.
We offer marinated chicken parts in various flavors: Honey-Spicy, Chilli-Mango, Herb, Arrabiata, Brazilian Style, Bparbecue.
This means that we can produce the abovementioned marinated products as well as we can produce new flavors according to your individual recipe.
Barbecue season is the key to your healthy eating and great mood.