Main News EU Poultry corporate news April 2020

EU Poultry corporate news April 2020

EU Poultry corporate news April 2020

Despite the difficult situation in the European Union related to the Covid-19 pandemic, our company EU Poultry does not stop investments in production expanding.
In the first quarter of 2020, additional lines for product processing and packaging  and increasing production capacities have been launched to 4000 MT/Month:

2000 MT/Month – breast cup cutting line.
1000 MT/Month – Whole chicken cutting line. 
1000 MT/Month – Chicken leg quarter deboning line.

The assortment has been increased. And now, in addition to the standard range of chicken parts the production of Sottilissime chicken slices 3mm.-6mm, calibrated chicken breasts with exact weight, chicken fillet steaks has been started. Also, we have started the production of chilled/frozen marinated products and at the moment our capacity is 1000 MT/Month. All products could be injected or processed in a vacuum tumbler at the request of the client. 

Since the beginning of April 2020, the production of Individually quick frozen (IQF) products for B2B partners  has been started and increased the capacity of :
1000 MT/Month – IQF products.
700 MT/Month – Block frozen products. 

Under quarantine conditions, we offer a flexible and competitive pricing policy and do our best to facilitate the process to overcome the crisis with our partners and consumers.