Production Pipeline

Chicken Supply

We recieve chicken from the carefully selected and properly certified suppliers.


Meat Processing

On the production facilities chicken are cut and deboned to become different products like:
  • chicken wings;
  • drumsticks;
  • chicken breasts;
  • fillet etc.
Some extra processing may be performed to produce semi-cooked (marinated) chicken meat.
Products are chilled or frozen accoding customer request.



The finally processed meat is packed in:

  • Bulk boxes;
  • MAP trays;
  • Vacuum packages;


Quality Control

We perform quality assurance procedures on all the production stages.
Besides other QA procedures the chicken is tested for any potential dangerous bacteria.
We have all necessary international quality certificates and veterinary hygiene permits.



Chilled or frozen and packed chicken meat goes to the shelves. Total timing from the slaugter till the market shelves do not exceeds 56 hours.