Main News EU Poultry teambuilding 2023

EU Poultry teambuilding 2023

EU Poultry teambuilding 2023
Today, every company strives to be competitive and to be first in the market. 
A company with a friendly and cohesive team is the most successful. 
On June 2, 2023, a team of EU Poultry employees actively participated in a teambuilding event in the picturesque Divoka voda. 
Paintball, badbinton, rafting, archery, ping-pong and many other interesting activities made it an unforgettable holiday. 
The event was held in a cordial, fun and non-intrusive atmosphere. 
It was truly a family day full of positive emotions and lively impressions. New employees had the opportunity to get to know colleagues better and to get into the
company spirit. 
We can confidently say that our team is not just a group of colleagues, but a company of good friends inspire each other to create new ideas, plans and products.
Such events help to stick together one strong team of professionals working towards a common goal.