PoultryeuProductsFresh chicken sausage Debreceni

Fresh chicken sausage Debreceni

Fresh chicken sausages for Baking and Grill "HENY" made from fresh chicken meat grade A with natural flavourings. The product is free from GMO, E-Additives and chemical colourants. This is the perfect solution for home consumption. 

Nutritional value per 100 g.

Energy: 783 Kj./188,4 kcal

Protein: 14,5 g.

Fat: 14,27g. of which saturated fatty acids: 4,34g.

Carbohydrates: 0g. of which sugar: 0g. 

Salt: 2,15g.

Primary packaging type

  • Tray (MAP)

Packaging sheet

Primary package Condition Net weight,
Package dimensions,
Qty per Bulk
MAP fresh 1.0 530x260x105 60
MAP fresh 2.5 555x336x100 60
MAP fresh 5.0 555x336x100 60


Raw chicken sausages in colagen or natural casing for grill or baking, packed in protective atmosphere. 

Chicken leg meat skin on, chicken breast, edible bovine colagen casing,  water, salt, plant fibre, starches, spices (paprika, dried caraway seeds), natural flavourings, garlic powder, sugar, spice extracts, dried beetroot concentrate, flavourings, sunflower oil