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Chicken Fillet Without Inner

Nutritional value per 100 g.

Protein – not less than 19 g.
Energy value – 98 kcal
Fat – 2,4 g.


Primary packaging type

  • Bulk
  • Tray (MAP)
  • Vac

Packaging sheet

Primary packaging type Primary packaging
weight, kg
Secondary packaging
weight, kg
Condition Storage conditions
MAP 0.6 7.2 Chilled From  0°C to +4°C
MAP 1.0 6.0 Chilled From  0°C to +4°C
MAP 2.5 10 Chilled From  0°C to +4°C
MAP 5.0 10 Chilled From  0°C to +4°C
BULK  - 10 Chilled From  0°C to +4°C
VAC 2.5 10 Chilled From  0°C to +4°C
VAC 5.0 10 Chilled From  0°C to +4°C


Healthy chicken fillet without inner, tender and full flavored boneless chicken fillet produced from broiler chicken breast, first-class quality, Grade A.
Freshly Frozen Chicken breast with the following features:
  • Finely cut & hygienically processed
  • Fresh & tender skinless chicken breast flesh
  • Storage at: -2 up to +4 °C
  • Shelf-life varies for chicken fillet types 3001 and 3004, of 10 and 16 days respectively from slaughter date; written on the packaging.
  • No allergens present in product (EU 1169/2011)
  • The product is free of GMO
We are wholesale supplier; producer and distributor of bulk chicken breast with Halal certification, and our advanced production facilities are ISO certified.
We provide whole chicken breast distribution to customers by vehicles with a certificate of suitability for transporting foodstuffs of animal origin.