PoultryeuProductsSottilissime 3 mm

Sottilissime 3 mm

Nutritional value per 100 g.

Protein – not less than 19 g.
Energy value – 98 kcal
Fat – 2,4 g.


Primary packaging type

  • Tray (MAP)

Packaging sheet

Primary packaging type Primary packaging
weight, kg
Secondary packaging
weight, kg
Condition Storage conditions
MAP 0.6 7.2 Chilled From  0°C to +4°C
MAP 1.0 6.0 Chilled From  0°C to +4°C
MAP 2.5 10 Chilled From  0°C to +4°C
MAP 5.0 10 Chilled From  0°C to +4°C


Perfectly portioned thin-sliced chicken breast fillets, the best-tasting, highest-quality sliced chicken fillet produced from broiler chicken raised w/o antibiotics, first-class quality, Grade A.

Sotillissime – sliced chicken breast fillets with the following features:

  • Healthy, thinly sliced chicken breast fillets of 3 or 6 mm
  • Incredibly delicious, tender and all-natural chicken thin sliced boneless chicken breasts
  • Storage at: -2 up to +4 °C
  • Chicken breast shelf-life is of 13 days from slaughter date; written on the packaging.
  • No allergens present in product (EU 1169/2011)
  • The product is free of GMO

We are wholesale supplier; gross distributor of bulk sliced chicken breast fillets with Halal certification, with correspondence to Food Safety Standards, as BRC and FSSC 22000, and our advanced production facilities are ISO certified.

We provide whole sliced chicken fillet distribution to customers by vehicles with a certificate of suitability for transporting foodstuffs of animal origin.