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Where does EU Poultry import its meat from?



EU Poultry is a Slovakian company which supplies quality food all over Europe, including a small amount to the domestic market. It has a long-standing partnership with MHP, one of the world’s leading agriculture businesses, which supplies it with poultry from Ukraine to be processed and sold. This joint enterprise has created a highly successful business, supporting more than 200 jobs in the Trnavsky region.



Is the meat imported by EU Poultry subject to the same controls as local producers in Slovakia?


We work to the highest possible standards to ensure our products are of the best quality and open ourselves to rigorous inspections. As part of its trade agreement, Ukraine has harmonised and aligned its standards with the EU. All imports are from a certified exporter to the EU, so are subject to regular monitoring by the DG SANTE, which oversees food standards across Europe. We only source from producers who work to the highest international standards on animal welfare and are committed to the five animal freedoms, ensuring our poultry is free distress and discomfort.


Is the meat imported by EU Poultry for Slovakian consumers?

The vast majority of the poultry processed at our site is for export to the rest of the European Union while just 15% is sold in Slovakia. Currently, Slovakia relies on imported poultry to meet domestic demand from consumers.

Is meat imported from outside Slovakia as fresh as local produce?

All of our products are of high quality and are in line with EU standards. When it comes to importing poultry to Slovakia, our poultry is in the marketplace just two days after slaughter. Further packaging process makes the shelf life of our products 12 days, thanks to MAP packaging technology. This shelf life is ensuring consumers can enjoy our quality products with confidence.


Can consumers have confidence they know the origin of the meat they are purchasing?


We pride ourselves on our quality products and are entirely transparent about the processing of our poultry. We welcome strict EU guidelines which ensure that all poultry products are labelled with the country of origin, including the country where the rearing took place, to ensure consumers can enjoy our quality products with confidence.


Does EU Poultry comply with European Union rules on poultry imports?


As confirmed by the European Commission, this is in line with the DCFTA, the trade agreement between Ukraine and the EU which opens up large markets to both sides. We are open to any attempts to strengthen this agreement and provide certainty for producers.


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