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The advantages of EU chicken meat

The advantages of EU chicken meat
Chicken is one of the most popular types of meat in almost every country in the world. There are about 3-4 chickens per person on the planet. This figure is constantly increasing as demand for high-quality poultry meat is set to rise steadily as a result of rising pork, beef and lamb meat prices. There are dozens of chicken species that differ in the protein and fat content of their meat. In addition, there are also species raised for long-term egg production, while the other species are raised exclusively for meat production. Moreover, we must not forget that most of the chicken meat you see in present-day stores are boiler chickens, which are raised very quickly and practically without movement.
This is where the benefits of EU chicken meat available in our EUPoultry company are worth mentioning. If you choose exactly this type of meat, you do not risk buying a poor-quality product, which can also damage your health.
The main advantages of EU chicken meat
It is remarkable to note that for centuries there have existed legends about the beneficial properties of chicken meat. In the East, chicken meat has always been considered as a component of various methods of nutrition aimed at improving the physical condition of the body. In practice, its main advantage over “competitors” such as beef, pork or lamb meat is that chicken meat has a much lower fat content. In addition, poultry meat is more easily digested by the human body. Of course, this is about appropriate and not excessive consumption.
The main peculiarity of the chicken meat of the EUPoultry company is its biological nature. We focus on bio-based products to ensure that animals are fed without antibiotics. In addition, chickens are kept under more favorable conditions and they are fed over a longer period of time. As you can see, such a product is a great benefit for the human body. In addition, the chicken meat of the EUPoultry company is certified according to all mandatory international standards.
Physical characteristics of the EU poultry meat
Chicken contains a large number of different useful substances. These include protein and linoleic acid. This acid stimulates the immune system, so that moderate consumption of chicken meat will contribute to good health. In addition to these substances, chicken meat also contains many vitamins A, B1, B2 and B2.
Vitamin B6 is particularly useful, and chicken meat contains a high amount of this vitamin. It is almost impossible to obtain this vitamin from vegetable foods, and chicken meat is the cheapest and least caloric source of energy. In this type of meat there is a lot of glutamine, which acts as a stimulant of the nervous system. List of body systems that are positively affected by chicken meat:
  • cardiovascular system;
  • organs, tissues and cells of the immune system;
  • gastrointestinal tract;
  • nervous system and mental health.
On average, there are about 190 kilocalories per 100 grams of chicken meat. As a result, chicken is a type of dietary meat. But keep in mind that, depending on the way you cook, the caloric values are different. Therefore, for boiled chicken the average nutritional value will be even lower, i.e. about 137 kilocalories. But fried chicken is much more caloric and is not suitable for dietary nutrition, with more than 210 kilocalories. However, if the product is used in moderate amounts, chicken meat does not harm your body.
When it comes to chicken meat it is the most useful of all types of meat. Great attention must be paid to the quality of the product, and we are pleased to inform you that the EUPoultry company distributes only the highest quality meat.