Main News The benefits of eating organic chicken

The benefits of eating organic chicken

The benefits of eating organic chicken
Today, organic chicken meat has become very popular and demanded among people around the world. What are the main advantages and properties of such meat? Let’s try to figure it out in this article.
The distinctive characteristics of organic chicken
Usually, ordinary consumers imagine the chicken coop as a large room with numerous cells. However, such an image does not differ much from reality. In any case, this approach isn’t normal: in many hen houses artificial light is used and the lighting itself is reduced to a minimum. Birds are nourished with special products that stimulate abnormal growth and are almost completely restricted in movements. At the same time, chickens have a very low immunity and there is a high risk regarding the development of various infections.
Against this backdrop, organic chicken seems to be an almost perfect product. With the help of the methods mentioned above, the maximum weight of the bird is reached in the shortest possible time, i.e. on average six weeks instead of four months. Unfortunately, the standards and needs of consumers are sometimes underestimated because of the large number of producers whose product prices are as low as their quality. As a result, organic chicken meat is perceived as a premium quality product only for VIP customers, and the horrible conditions of animal maintenance are perceived as a common thing.
One of the most obvious differences between organic and industrial poultry production is the selling price. Given that bio-agricultural holdings use only feed specially created for chickens, made from natural ingredients (grown in clean soils and without pesticides) and that birds are kept in free conditions, the cost of this meat is higher than that of a chicken kept in a cage. The EU Poultry company is a guardian of civic conditions of the maintenance of birds, so our products are organic, and prices are affordable to all those who want to eat a healthy balanced diet. We sell chicken fillets, wings, thighs, trimmings, bones, and even chicken skin. All our products are distinguished by their organic quality.
The benefits of eating organic chicken
Organic chicken meat is a unique product with many useful properties. The consumption of this meat in your diet will have a number of positive effects on your body. So, the benefits of eating organic chicken are as follows:
  1. The organic chicken is raised in a natural environment, is fed on natural feed, without any antibiotic.
  2. Organic chicken meat has a high vitamin and nutritional value, which positively affects the human body.
  3. Organic chicken does not contain harmful bacteria such as salmonella or helicobacter pylori, which have a negative impact on human health.
  4. Regular consumption of organic chicken meat helps maintain a slim and healthy body.

As you can see, organic meat has many benefits that anyone who is controlling their diet and health should benefit from.