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Trimmed chicken wings in cookery

Trimmed chicken wings in cookery
There are lots of recipes for the preparation of this product. From the chicken wings it is possible to prepare the starter or the main course. Organic chicken wings are used as one of the ingredients for salads and hot snacks. They are stewed, baked in the oven, on the grill and barbecue. Many kinds of marinades and sauces are often used for their preparation. The most famous marinade is honey, which forms a crispy, beautiful crust when fried.
Trimmed chicken wings go together with various seasonings and spices. The choice of spices can be very wide: curry, rosemary, sage, ginger, all kinds of peppers and much more. Recipes for this product are found for different tastes to satisfy the most demanding gourmet.
However, before you start preparing them, you should know how to choose this most delicate part of a chicken carcass. You should buy chilled wings without holes and cuts, smooth and clean, bright and light pink-coloured. During cooking, the outermost part of the wing is recommended to be trimmed, as there is practically no meat in it, and it often burns during baking.
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