Main News What’s the difference between white and dark chicken?

What’s the difference between white and dark chicken?

What’s the difference between white and dark chicken?

Practically everyone knows that when choosing to buy a common chicken carcass you can see the different colors of the meat. Chicken breast meat is white, while dark meat is mainly found on chicken legs. But how many people know the difference between white meat and dark meat, even if the product remains the same, namely chicken meat? Is it chicken breast or chicken legs that are ranked first in your gastronomic preferences? In this article, we will try to find out more about the characteristics of chicken meat of different colors, as well as how your food choices affect your health. We will also try to answer the timeless question: which meat is better, the white one or the dark one?

What causes the diversity of colour of different parts of poultry

The chicken is a bird that almost never flies. This is the main reason that determines the diversity of color of the various parts of the chicken. The dark color of the meat results from the presence of numerous blood vessels in the relevant chicken muscles. The more intense is the load applied to a particular muscle, the more veins and arteries must be present to supply blood to the muscle, and this makes the meat darker. As a result, the load on the chicken wings is minimal, so the chest muscles do not perform any active and intense work. That's why chicken breasts are distinguished by their white colour and delicate taste. If we're talking about chicken legs, the things here are a little different. Since the chicken spends most of its time walking, its legs have strong and developed muscles. That's why in the whole chicken carcass, the thighs have the darkest color and the stiffest meat fibers.

Main features and benefits of white chicken meat

Speaking of the characteristics and advantages of meat, we should also mention the composition, caloric value and health effects of chicken meat of different colors. White chicken meat is the best choice when you need to lose weight. This is the meat recommended by nutritionists in almost all balanced and correct nutrition schemes. In addition, white chicken meat is low in calories. The main difference between chicken meat of different colors but equally cooked, is more than thirty kilocalories per hundred grams of product. In addition, white meat has the highest amount of protein. This is very important for people who follow a special diet to both lose weight and increase muscle mass.

The composition of dark meat on chicken legs contains more fat than chicken breast or chicken wings. It is quite evident, because it is the legs of the poultry that consume the most energy, and this energy is derived from the layer of fat on the legs. Besides fat, the composition of the chicken legs is rich in cholesterol and, since they are fried in oil, there is no lack of carcinogens. Therefore, chicken legs have some fairly harmful effects, so some nutritionists do not recommend adding dark chicken meat to your diet. Of course, this is a strong argument in favour of choosing the first option, i.e. white chicken meat. But don't be so afraid of dark chicken meat, and give it a chance, because it has so many positive properties.

Main features and benefits of dark chicken meat

Of course, chicken has many edible parts, including chicken skin, but if you want to try dark meat, pay attention to chicken legs. These high calorie chicken parts are ideal for those who do intensive sports, consuming a lot of calories. Certainly, the caloric and protein content is crucial, but there are other equally important criteria.

The content of vitamins and minerals in different types of meat varies greatly. The following are the main advantages of dark chicken meat:

  1. The dark meat gets its color from myoglobin. This substance is contained in muscle cells and is rich in iron. So, dark meat is the best source of iron and minerals.
  2. Dark meat is rich in zinc, selenium, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamins B6 and B12.
  3. Dark meat reduces the risk of heart and blood vessel diseases. Taurine, a substance contained in dark meat, is necessary for the normal functioning of the heart. Thanks to its low-fat content, dark chicken meat tastes excellent and has a pleasant aroma, which is why it is so popular in all countries around the world.

So, which meat is better, white or dark?

Both types of meat are rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. Therefore, when choosing a product, take into account your food preferences. Today, the EUPoultry company is in the market for wholesale chicken meat, guaranteeing excellent quality of both white and dark chicken meat. All products have been certified to meet international quality standards.

Both white and dark chicken meat are beneficial to the human body, and the harmful effects occur when the meat has not been cooked in a healthy way, such as frying or grilling. The dark chicken meat will not ruin your body, much more harmful are the sauces and breading that you use during cooking. Try to replace these ingredients with fresh or stewed vegetables, and in this way you can maximize the positive effect of eating chicken meat.