Main News How to choose a fresh chicken?

How to choose a fresh chicken?

How to choose a fresh chicken?
1. When buying chicken, prefer chilled meat because in frozen products the content of vitamins beneficial for health is not very high.
2. Simple advice will help you check that the meat is fit for consumption: you should press the chicken carcass and if the hole after pressing it levels off, it means the meat is fresh. If after a minute or more the hole does not disappear from the surface of chilled chicken carcass, you should not buy it.
3. Every buyer should be embarrassed by an extremely high weight of the chicken or its sticky skin – these signs indicate that antibiotics were used in poultry farming. If the carcass has a large breast and short legs – this is a sure sign that the chicken was fed with a meal with hormones.
4. It is known that the most delicious meat is the meat of a young chicken. To check the age of the chicken, it is enough just to press its breast: the meat of young chickens is flexible, while the meat of adult chickens is firm to the touch. Many modern housewives find visiting a grocery store a wasteful and expensive activity. Illuminated shelves in hypermarkets and products arranged by the professional hands of merchandisers make normal customers thoughtlessly put everything they see into their shopping basket. And yet the price tags with an attractive title “discount” deprive ordinary buyers of their attention and ability to think calmly and rationally. Try not to grab discount priced products off the shelves – the product is likely to have been frozen several times and they are trying to sell you damaged goods under the guise of fresh meat. Consider: is a couple of coins left in your wallet worth your health and stomach problems? If you follow the simple rules for choosing a fresh chicken, then the dish prepared from it will be juicy and will fascinate your loved ones or guests by its unique aroma and unforgettable taste.