Main News Why is chicken breast useful and how to prepare it correctly: the answer of experts

Why is chicken breast useful and how to prepare it correctly: the answer of experts

Why is chicken breast useful and how to prepare it correctly: the answer of experts
White chicken meat is a source of lean protein, it contains a minimum of cholesterol, and it is an excellent detoxifier. However, the chicken breast must be cooked properly to be absorbed better. 
White chicken meat or chicken breast belongs to foodstuffs with the lowest calorie content. What are the benefits of white meat and why should we include chicken breast in our diet?
What is the use of white chicken meat?
White chicken meat is a product rich in lean protein, chicken breast is also relatively easy to prepare, and in general, chicken meat is one of the most affordable and healthy products.
Compared to dark chicken meat (although it seems tastier to many), white meat contains less cholesterol, is easily digestible and assimilable, so chicken fillet is often recommended to be consumed for those with disorders of the digestive tract.
According to nutritionists, animal proteins are generally much easier for the body to digest and contain all essential and non-essential amino acids. Chicken breast is also low in calories: for example, the United States Department of Agriculture estimates that 100 grams of boneless, skinless chicken fillet contains about 120 kcal and only 2-2,7 grams of fat.
  1. Pure chicken breast does not contain sugar, starch, or carbohydrates, so chicken fillet is one of the best dietary products with a low glycaemic index.
  2. Protein (and we know that protein is the building material of our muscles) from poultry meat (including chicken) is on the second place after eggs and dairy products as a building material of the human body.
  3. That's the reason why bodybuilders and athletes "like" chicken breasts so much. And all this together with a complete set of group B vitamins, which are a constant "companion" of white meat.
White chicken meat - useful to treat poisoning and colds
After food poisoning or intoxication of the body with SARS, white chicken broth or boiled chicken breast will be the right thing. On the first day, if there is no appetite, you can limit yourself to drinking enough.
Then include white meat (chicken, turkey), boiled eggs, fruit, and steamed vegetables in your diet. The broth should not be rich, so it is better to use chicken breast.
How to prepare chicken breast properly? 
Each protein is better absorbed after thermal processing, but with prolonged frying at a high temperature, its absorption falls sharply. Therefore, from the point of view of usefulness, the best option for preparing chicken breast is boiling, baking, stewing.
It is also important to take chicken fillet without skin, otherwise the amount of fat, calories and protein will be slightly higher for the same portion when cooking. If white chicken meat (and any meat in general) is pre-pickled in acid (for example lemon juice), it is even easier to digest.