Main News 5 chicken health benefits nutrition facts

5 chicken health benefits nutrition facts

5 chicken health benefits nutrition facts
It is a well-known fact how useful and easily digestible chicken meat is. Of all poultry meat, it is the chicken that contains the most useful and important proteins and amino acids for human health. If you still have doubts about the benefits of eating chicken, read our article and find out how chicken meat can improve your health.
The key facts about chicken meat
Everyone knows that chicken meat is very useful for the normal functioning of the human body. At any time, chicken thighs and breasts have been considered preferable than beef or, for example, pork. It is no coincidence that chickens have spread throughout the world: seafarers brought these animals to every country, as they are quite rustic and easy to maintain animals. It should also be noted that almost every country has learned to cook chicken in different ways. But everywhere chicken meat is appreciated not only for its ease of growing, but also for its enormous benefits to human health. Adding this meat to your daily diet is a fundamental fact for your well-being. At the EU Poultry company, you can buy a variety of chicken meat, such as chicken breast fillets, primary wings and 3-joint wings, chicken legs, trimmings and much more.
5 chicken health benefits nutrition facts
The beneficial properties of chicken meat are due both to the composition of the chickens’ diet and to the way in which they are kept. That’s why organic chickens raised in spacious avian farms and fed with various natural meals are much more preferable than factory-fed chickens stuffed with combined fodder and growth stimulants. The useful properties of organic chicken meat cannot be overestimated. Hereafter we list five facts about the health benefits of eating chicken:
  1. The abundance of proteins of animal origin. Chicken meat contains all the necessary amino acids, a range of cartilage proteins and building materials for our tissues. In addition, the collagen and elastin proteins contained in chicken legs are particularly useful for those suffering from joint diseases.
  2. Chicken meat is a highly digestible diet product. In particular, these properties have the well-known chicken breast. The composition of the chicken breast is dietary, the meat has minimum fat and cholesterol, so it is particularly useful for all those who are overweight or suffer from vascular problems.
  3. High vitamin content. The chemical composition of chicken meat is mainly rich in group B vitamins, in the maximum amount contained in the legs and wings, which you can buy on the EU Poultry company’s website. In addition, the composition of the chicken includes vitamins A and E, which are essential to maintain visual acuity and immunity. This meat is almost free of saturated fats, but is rich in B vitamins, vitamins C, A, PP, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, etc.
  4. The low-calorie content of chicken meat. White chicken meat has less fat, while dark chicken parts have a lot of iron. Among other things, chicken meat contains essential oils and substances containing nitrogen and glutamine.
  5. The mineral filling, which is part of the chicken meat. The large amount of minerals contained in chicken meat provides important support to the blood, cardiovascular and nervous system. The low cholesterol and fat content makes chicken meat a real salvation for those on a diet or suffering from problems with blood vessels. Eating chicken meat is almost impossible to fatten up, but despite this the product has a very good saturation.
Chicken meat in therapeutic nutrition
Chicken is the most important food for malnourished people who have undergone surgery, and people with very weak immunity. Chicken meat is an excellent prevention of heart attack and stroke, nourishes the skin, hair and nails with its beneficial components, normalizes metabolism and increases the stability of the nervous system.
As you can see, we have told you about five main advantages of chicken meat, but this list goes on in time. Take care of your health with EU Poultry company’s internationally certified chicken meat.