Main News 9 mistakes you are making when preparing chicken

9 mistakes you are making when preparing chicken

9 mistakes you are making when preparing chicken
Probably the most difficult type of meat to spoil is chicken meat. Even a person who is taking the pan in his hand for the first time can easily prepare this type of meat. The taste may not come out too good, but it’s always eatable. Generally, people imagine the chicken cooking process in the following way: first wash the meat, then dry, put on a baking sheet, season with preferred spices and bake. Only by getting to know the basics of cooking, people begin to realize that is not so easy to cook chicken as it seems. In addition, they start to understand that some mistakes made during the preparation can lead to very unpleasant consequences. The consequences are so unpleasant that even the simplest chicken fillet can in a moment become an outbreak of infection and bacteria, a real risk of food intoxication. In this article, we will identify 9 main errors that are occurring more frequently during the cooking and preparation of the chicken meat.
Ignore the appearance of chicken meat
The appearance of the chicken is the main indicator of its freshness and quality. Excellent product quality is ensured by the absence of defects on the meat surface, the carcass will be well plucked and gutted. In addition, fresh chicken meat keeps its shape and restores it easily after its pressure down, which never happens with bad chicken breast. The high-quality meat has a pink color, while the skin is white and thin. Unlike many chicken meat wholesale suppliers, EUPoultry guarantees its customers the highest quality meat, which only requires the right cooking.
Making a mistake in preserving meat
When buying and storing fresh chicken in the fridge, it is worth knowing that the chicken can produce the juice before it freezes properly. For this reason, the meat should be stored in a bowl or deep pot, so that all other foods are protected from this juice. It is best to store the container with the raw chicken on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator so that the juice does not accidentally end up on other food products.
No contact of chicken meat with other foods
This point is very important. If you are preparing chicken for chicken salad, remember that even if the meat was always in the refrigerator, the risk of bacteria still being present on it remains. That’s why all dishes contacting raw chicken must be washed well afterwards.
Leave the chicken meat on the table
After being removed from the fridge for thawing, the chicken meat is almost immediately forgotten. It can continue to stay on the table for several hours, even though the room temperature stimulates the development of different bacteria. An extra hour on the table is an additional risk that the bacteria present in the chicken will reach dangerous levels. If you want to bake frozen chicken, then it is advisable to thaw it by simply moving it from the freezer to the refrigerator. That’s why you should keep the chicken meat in the freezer, instead in the fridge you can keep it only if you want to cook something in the next two days.
Wash chicken meat
Salmonella is the most common bacteria present on raw chicken meat. Many people believe that washing the chicken before cooking eliminates all the bacteria it contains. But it’s the other way around. By washing chicken meat under fountain water, bacteria are immediately introduced into the water and can be spread on the kitchen surface. What happens if the chicken meat containing salmonella is not washed? During cooking, all bacteria die from the heat treatment, whether you are preparing chicken for grilling or preparing a chicken for roasting. However, the hands, unlike the chicken meat, must be washed. Never touch kitchen utensils, surfaces or door handles until then. The ideal would be to work with protective gloves when preparing chicken breast or any other part of the meat.
Wrong marinade
Marinated chicken should be stored in the refrigerator. No room temperature, no reuse of the marinade allowed – just a refrigerator and a sealed package or hermetically sealed container. In addition, the marinade should not be too acidic or salty for preparing chicken legs.
Early skin removal
Usually the skin is removed for extra fat. It is really a bit greasy, but without the skin, the chicken meat will be too dry and not good enough. That’s why if you have decided to remove the skin, do it after preparing chicken wings or other parts.
Forgetting the thermometer
During the preparation of chicken, we recommend using the thermometer. Most people must be guided by the kitchen thermometer data. If the inner temperature for chicken has reached 70-80 degrees, the meat can be eaten quietly.
Consider the dish to be cooked
There is no secret that it is important to choose a chicken according to what you want to cook. If you are interested in preparing chicken for soup, then you can choose the chicken breast or legs. The dish will not be too fat, instead, it will be beneficial, tender and with moderate calorie intake.
As practice shows, chicken requires great attention to detail, so it is easy to make mistakes during its preparation.