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Meat freezing technologies

Meat freezing technologies
Recently, the demand for poultry meat has increased. Reconstructions of existing poultry farms are carried out, and many new factories are built. The highest requirements are placed on the quality of the product, and in turn the high quality of the product can only be obtained in case of full compliance with the technological process and the use of modern meat processing equipment. Much attention is paid to refrigeration systems, which are essential during the chicken meat processing operation. The only way to preserve the chemical composition and structure of the meat for a long time is to freeze it with free frozen technology.
Freezing the meat with the free frozen method gives excellent results, because the product after thawing will not differ from the fresh product. However, it must be remembered that this freezing technology must be carried out correctly at the technological level. The faster the freezing process, the better the product after thawing. For this reason, industrial freezing of chicken meat (fillets, thighs, wings, trimmings, etc.) is usually carried out with the application of free frozen technology.
This is due to the formation of ice crystals in the structure of the chicken meat, located between or within the muscle fibers. If the freezing speed is high enough, these crystals are very small in size and do not destroy the muscle cells of the chicken meat. Intensive freezing with free frozen technology reduces moisture loss, airflow and preserves the commercial appearance of the product.
What determines the freezing rate and how can it be increased? The freezing time is influenced by several factors: the initial temperature of the chicken meat, the temperature of the air in the freezing chamber, the speed of movement of the air on the surface of the frozen product, as well as the weight and size of the individual fragments, in particular the thickness. The problem is that freezing a large product requires a precise period of time for which neither the temperature nor the speed of air movement in the freezer chamber can have any significant effect.
In order to ensure effective and high quality freezing with free frozen technology, it is necessary to ensure that all the elements of the freezing system are selected correctly and are well balanced. Our company strictly controls the compliance with the quality standards of freezing, so we are engaged in freezing the meat to a highly professional level.
We also try to keep up with the new times, so we apply the automation of the freezing processes. The use of belts and conveyors makes it possible to create universal systems for deep-freezing chicken meat (fillets, wings, thighs, trimmings, etc.) with a high degree of mechanization and automation of technological and welfare processes, starting from the meat cutting lines to the packaging of ready-made frozen products and up to the transport of the products to the storage warehouses.
We would like to underline that the technology of free frozen freezing has considerable advantages that allow you to recover the costs of the equipment for freezing in the shortest possible time. Today this technology is becoming the standard for most meat processing companies, so they are now able to increase production volumes and expand geographically by transporting products to different regions and countries.