Main News What kind of meat for chicken fried steak

What kind of meat for chicken fried steak

What kind of meat for chicken fried steak
Chicken meat cooked quickly and tasty has always been the best choice for a lunch or dinner. This meat can be cooked not only on any day, but also prepared for a festive dinner. Chicken fried steak is a winning gastronomic solution. Correctly cooked meat will turn out to be juicy, tasty and aromatic, and will satisfy your guests. You can cook anything you want as a side dish to this type of meat. Chicken steak can be served with fresh vegetables, salad or grilled vegetables.
The particularities of a typical chicken steak
The wonderful taste and aroma, juiciness and tenderness of chicken fried steaks allows you to use this dish in your daily menu and during the holidays. The ease of cooking of this dish allows it to be used as an exceptional improvisation to serve to sudden guests. Chicken meat is a nutritious and easily digestible product, it is one of the main components of diet and infant nutrition. The calorie content of the roast chicken steak is about 197 kcal, while the meat contains about 2 g of fat and 23 g of protein.
What kind of meat for chicken fried steak
To prepare a steak, which should not only be juicy but also delicious and good-looking, you must follow some important rules of preparation of this dish. It is worth noting that chicken meat can be used to cook an excellent steak with an original taste. The most suitable meat for steak is the chicken fillet. It is distinguished by its tenderness, the suitable shape and ease of preparation. The EU Poultry company offers customers to purchase the following types of chicken meat for steak cooking:
All the meat sold by the company has been subjected to different verification’s and has been certified at international level.
Frozen chicken meat should be thawed at room temperature so that it has time to warm up properly. After washing the meat, it must be dried with paper towels or towels so that there is no more moisture outside. If you have a chicken breast on the bone, carefully separate the meat from the bone.
The secrets of preparing a super tasty chicken steak
Chicken fillets are very tender and delicate meats, so it is easy to damage the meat by drying it out. Divide the chicken fillet into equal parts in the form of steaks. One of the secrets of preparing aromatic chicken steaks is the marinade. We recommend mixing the soy sauce with balsamic vinegar and salt. You can also add some olive oil if you wish. Clean the garlic cloves and cut them finely. Cover each slice of chicken fillet with garlic and pour a mixture of sauce and vinegar. Let the chicken marinate for 15 minutes. Heat the grill and lubricate lightly with olive oil. The chicken steak can also be cooked in a usual frying pan. Remove the pieces of garlic from the chicken breast and sprinkle the meat with aromatic herbs and pepper.
Put the steaks in the boiling oil. The rules are the same: before frying, dry the meat with a towel of absorbent paper so that the steaks do not waste time on the pan to evaporate moisture. This is not only a question of the time lost, but also of the fact that meat cooked in this way cannot be defined as a classic steak. In addition, the slices must be positioned at a distance of one centimeter or one and a half centimeters so that they do not vaporize but fry. Salt and pepper the meat right on the frying pan. Fry the meat over high heat for a few minutes on each side.
Another way to prepare juicy chicken steaks is to fry the chicken fillets in breading. To cook this dish, the fillet must be cut into large pieces along the fibers, beaten and salted, then thrown into the flour, eggs and breadcrumbs. The prepared meat should be placed on a grilled pan, in well heated olive oil, and fried on both sides for 3-4 minutes. Ready-made chicken steaks can be accompanied by a side dish of vegetables and dried tomatoes.