Hlavná Správy Čo robiť s kuracími odrezkami?

Čo robiť s kuracími odrezkami?

Čo robiť s kuracími odrezkami?
Chicken meat is a dietary product that can effectively replace different types of meat, for example, pork, lamb or beef. It is an excellent source of proteins and amino acids, with a low-calorie content. As far as white meat is concerned, white meat contains less fat and red meat is rich in iron. But did you know that in addition to all the known parts of the chicken meat, there is also that part that is called trimming?
The main features of chicken trimmings
Meat trimming, including chicken, is the result of peeling, cutting or shearing of meat and is mainly intended for industrial use. We must point out immediately that there is nothing harmful about the trimmings. These products may have different qualities depending on the manufacturer. We are pleased to inform you that our company EUPoultry offers you only products of the highest quality, confirmed by international certificates. Product quality is one of the priorities of our work, so you can be sure of reliable collaboration.
It would be better to define the trimming of chicken meat as a mixture of lean and fatty meat. But how is the chicken trimming done? The pieces of meat to be sold are cut in the processing plants to a certain shape, which will be aesthetically pleasing in packs or shop windows. After this process, small pieces of cut meat remain. They are frozen and sold in batches to companies for further use.
The benefits of chicken trimmings
We can say with certainty that the advantages of trimming are identical to those of chicken meat itself. We list the most important ones:
  • chicken meat normalize metabolism and have a positive effect on reproductive health;
  • this type of meat helps prevent arthritis and osteoporosis. Elderly people often complain about pain from arthritis and osteoporosis, but they can be prevented by regularly eating chicken meat including products made of chicken trimmings. It is precisely the high protein content that strengthens the bones;
  • this meat restores the body’s strength and improves blood circulation;
  • chicken meat cures depression. If you happen to feel depressed, you should immediately settle for a chicken dish. Chicken meat has a high amino acid content called tryptophan, which increases serotonin levels in the brain and thus increases mood;
  • contains a trace element that participates in the metabolism of thyroid hormones. Studies have shown that the thyroid hormone activity of the elderly depends on the level of strength. Therefore, people suffering from thyroid diseases, it is recommended to give preference to chicken meat;
  • the chicken meat maintains normal blood pressure and helps to keep the body in shape.
As you can see, trimming is not a useless product. When used correctly, trimming offers several benefits for the human body. It turns out that chicken meat is only beneficial, and there are no restrictions on its consumption. However, this applies only to domestic chicken meat and meat supplied by trusted suppliers, such as our EUPoultry company which supplies exceptionally high quality products.
What is produced by chicken trimming?
Trimmings refer exclusively to boneless and skinless pieces of meat. The fat content must not exceed 70%. Chicken trimmings are used to produce sausages, cutlets and various semi-finished products. Manufacturers and suppliers usually sell wholesale samples of meat in frozen form. Trimming is generally not available for retail sale. Our company offers you a variety of chicken products, including the highest quality trimmings.