Discover Slovakia, Our Cuisine, and Our Business


Deep in the heart of Europe, Slovakia is a land of natural beauty. Nestled among the Tatra Mountains, it’s filled with picturesque scenes of mountains, valleys, rivers, and lakes. With destinations for all kinds of activities, from outdoor sports to fine dining, there’s a little piece of Slovakia waiting just for you.

Our Cuisine

Slovakian cuisine reflects the livelihood of a mountainous culture, robust dishes like dumplings filled with sheep cheese and bacon bits are sure to satisfy your appetite. With a wide variety of traditional dishes, from grilled meats to delectable salads, there’s something for all appetites.

Let’s not forget the dessert, made from the freshest local ingredients with home cooked care, our cookies and cakes will satisfy any sweet tooth.

What’s more, Slovakia is home to over forty varieties of grapes and has a strong wine culture. You can find vineyards in almost any region but the Little Carpathians region is said to grow the best grapes. Be sure to visit this beautiful region and sample some of Slovakia’s finest wines.

Our Business

EU Poultry is a chicken processing and distribution company that delivers high quality chicken meat all over Europe. Located within the Slovak Republic, our processing and distribution center is ideally placed to maximize exports to neighboring countries and Europe as a whole. The central location allows us to make deliveries quickly and efficiently.

EU Poultry and it’s partners are committed to the highest quality European standards. Our commitment to excellence is evidenced in the numerous awards we’ve received over the years, including the BRC in 2020, an internationally recognized mark of food safety and quality.

EU Poultry is ready and able to handle all kinds of chicken orders. Whether you’re a supermarket in need of large amounts of frozen chicken, or a restaurant with a smaller fresh chicken order, EU Poultry has a wide variety of products to satisfy all of your chicken needs.

Looking Forward to Seeing You Here

We at EU Poultry are looking forward to seeing you here in Slovakia and sharing our culture, cuisine, and business with you. In the meantime, visit our website and check out some of our best-selling chicken products. If you’re looking for a new chicken supplier, look no further, we would love to work with you. See you soon!