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Caloric value of chicken wings

Caloric value of chicken wings
As for the caloric value of different chicken parts, it should be noted that many people mistakenly think that the chicken breast is the most special and less caloric part of the chicken. In fact, any part of chicken meat has almost the same caloric value.
For example, per 100 grams, the caloric value of broiler chickens is:
  • leg – with skin 161 calories, skinless 119 calories;
  • breast – with skin 170 calories, skinless 110 calories;
  • thigh – with skin 211 calories, skinless 119 calories;
  • thigh with drumstick – with skin 187 calories, skinless 120 calories;
  • chicken wing – with skin 237 calories, skinless 125 calories.
Moreover, in the wings there is not so much meat – usually it is only 6-9 grams per average wing. The cooking process which affects the calorie content of the dish is also important. If you will be frying meat in oil, you should add 20-30 calories to each wing. This does not include breadcrumbs, any sorts of sugar sauces and various honey sauces. For example, in chicken wings that are sold at McDonald’s, where sweet marinade is used, the calorie content is much higher – 640 calories per portion of 4 pieces. To this amount, you also need to add 50 calories if you eat these wings with a barbecue sauce.