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Benefits of chicken meat

Chicken meat is widely known for its benefits to everyone and it does not require any additional advertising. Since ancient times, chicken meat has helped physically exhausted persons to fully recover, and also strengthens the immune system of all who are sick.

Selection of the chicken

Before cooking a chicken, it is necessary to buy it. When choosing a chicken, please pay attention to the skin. If it is too wet, the pullet has repeatedly been defrosted and frozen, which means it can be rather spoiled.

Caloric value of chicken wings
As for the caloric value of different chicken parts, it should be noted that many people mistakenly think that the chicken breast is the most special and less caloric part of the chicken. In fact, any part of chicken meat has almost the same caloric value.
Trimmed chicken wings in cookery

There are lots of recipes for the preparation of this product. From the chicken wings it is possible to prepare the starter or the main course. Organic chicken wings are used as one of the ingredients for salads and hot snacks.

Frozen chicken meat wholesale distributor
Frozen chicken meat keeps freshness for a long time, therefore it is profitable to buy it in large quantities and make reserves.
Halal chicken meat wholesale distributor
Our company is distributor of halal chicken meat: breast, wings, trimming.
The difference between halal and non-halal meat is quite significant.
PLMA expo 2018

Our company has taken part in PLMA’s 2018 “World of Private Label” International Trade Show held at the RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

ANUGA 2017

Our company has taken part in the biggest food and beverage exposition Anuga 2017 in Cologne.